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Claiming the Waterside Conference

July 9, 2014adminEvents

Watersides are among the most intriguing urban places, sometimes defining entire towns and cities, but they are also among the most challenging tasks for planners and urban designers.

The conference explored the following questions: What contributions should watersides make to urban revitalisation? What are the key planning, design, public access and sustainability issues that need to be addressed? How can public and private use be balanced?

The context for this conference was the proposed relocation of the University of Northampton to a new campus at the waterside of the river Nene which runs through Northampton. Located within the Waterside Enterprise Zone the vision for the new campus is to become a catalyst for the regeneration of the town centre, opening up the waterside for public use, business and residents.

The aim of the conference was to explore design ideas and principles for urban watersides drawing upon national and international examples. Read the full report here.

​​- Henk Bouwman, Urban imPulse, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam
- Murdoch Cameron, MosesCameronWilliams Architects
- Paul Simkins, ARUP
- Sue Bridge, Head of Planning, Northampton Borough Council
- John Best, Canal & River Trust, Academy of Urbanism
- Matthew Lappin, David Lock Associates
- Christer Persson, Associate Professor, Malmö University​

Presentations can be viewed here:

Sue Bridge

Sabine Coady-Schaebitz

Matt Lappin

Paul Simkins

Christer Persson


John Best

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