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utn Seminar 3: Getting the details right

July 15, 2015adminEvents

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The aim of this third seminar was to explore how the town and the university might link together in the future. Delegates explored the places, spaces, routes and activities which need to be put in place to animate the ‘new’ town centre and to welcome the campus to the heart of Northampton.

This event began to scope future work that will help see the university make the most of its new home in the town and for Northampton to harness the potential that a relocated university brings.

We will be adding the presentations and photographs from the day soon.

Urban University Conference

July 15, 2015adminEvents


Universities are rediscovering their role as place makers and local and regional economic
catalysts. Engagement with their localities and exercising ‘Stewardship of Place’ has been identified as a growing task for universities. This is true both of the older universities but perhaps especially of the newer universities in smaller towns and cities in the UK.

Although Universities are essentially higher education institutions without an automatic local
and regional mission, they have often evolved educational activities that have strong local
outreach, and some have asserted a more strategic mission for engagement with their communities, and civic leadership.

Similarly, the physical location, design and setting of universities and their spatial integration
into the town is an important agency of the character of the town. Overall, they have a
potentially significant impact on place making and civic life.

The purpose of the Conference was to bring together policy makers, academics and
practitioners – including civic leaders – and to undertake a critical examination of these place
making connections and relationships, so that the potential and limitations of universities and
their towns can be explored. This was examined from national and international
perspectives by an exceptional range of speakers presented, and the talks were supplemented by lively and engaging debates. You can read the speakers biographies UrbUnivConf_BIOsFINAL, and full list of delegates can be found here.

We will be adding the speakers presentations soon, but in the mean time you may find these blogs of interest.

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utn Seminar 2: Creating the University Town Northampton

January 13, 2015adminEvents

The main focus of the seminar 2 was the integration of the University with the town centre, the benefits that this would have for the economic, environmental and cultural life of the town and how to establish Northampton as a nationally and internationally recognised University Town.

Cutting-edge analytics and modelling helped to generate lively debate about the future of Northampton and the role of the university in helping to drive change and improvement. Slides from the event can be seen below. You can download a full report here.

utn Seminar 1: What does ‘universtiy town’ mean for Northampton?

October 17, 2014adminEvents


The re-location of the University to the Waterside Enterprise Zone presents an opportunity to re- imagine the relationships between the Town and its University. This first seminar in a series of four brought together key stakeholders with in-depth knowledge of the Town. Its purpose was to share insights and ideas for optimizing the economic, cultural and environmental benefits of this change. The session closed at 18.15 after a brief plenary session and was followed by the formal launch of the UTN project.

Click here to download the full report.

Slides from the presentations are available here:

Claiming the Waterside Conference

July 9, 2014adminEvents

Watersides are among the most intriguing urban places, sometimes defining entire towns and cities, but they are also among the most challenging tasks for planners and urban designers.

The conference explored the following questions: What contributions should watersides make to urban revitalisation? What are the key planning, design, public access and sustainability issues that need to be addressed? How can public and private use be balanced?

The context for this conference was the proposed relocation of the University of Northampton to a new campus at the waterside of the river Nene which runs through Northampton. Located within the Waterside Enterprise Zone the vision for the new campus is to become a catalyst for the regeneration of the town centre, opening up the waterside for public use, business and residents.

The aim of the conference was to explore design ideas and principles for urban watersides drawing upon national and international examples. Read the full report here.

​​- Henk Bouwman, Urban imPulse, Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam
- Murdoch Cameron, MosesCameronWilliams Architects
- Paul Simkins, ARUP
- Sue Bridge, Head of Planning, Northampton Borough Council
- John Best, Canal & River Trust, Academy of Urbanism
- Matthew Lappin, David Lock Associates
- Christer Persson, Associate Professor, Malmö University​

Presentations can be viewed here:

Sue Bridge

Sabine Coady-Schaebitz

Matt Lappin

Paul Simkins

Christer Persson


John Best

Summer School

July 9, 2014adminEvents

Many of the world’s most admired and lauded urban design initiatives have water at their heart. Watersides are among the most intriguing urban places, sometimes defining entire towns and cities.

The added value that comes from the inventive, sensitive and novel use of water and watersides has long been recognised. This Urban Design Summer School will examine the best of those schemes with UK based and international urban designers and place makers.

The designated Waterside Enterprise Zone in Northampton, the river Nene, and the proposed relocation of the University of Northampton to a new campus at the waterside are providing the backdrop for this Summer School.
Like all CCBE events this Summer School is about breaking down the barriers between built environment professions. How timely this approach is has recently been signalled by the Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment.

This Summer School provides an ideal framework for learning from different specialists and contributing your own ideas.

billing road

May 14, 2014adminslider

billing rd

town crossing

May 14, 2014adminslider

crossing into town

cultural sign

May 14, 2014adminslider

culture sign

long view

May 14, 2014adminslider

long view park